Cheap, good and off the beaten path, so excited to share with you a few of our favorite places in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is so much more then cheese, sex and pot (although they have that all as well and it’s fantastic) … what makes this town so rad is how well they know how to live. The folks that live here love life, and love loving life, and show it in everything they do, from their culture, to their food, and especially in their love for boats…

And if you want to get into the deep culture that is Amsterdam there are plenty of places to go deep. Sure they have world class museums like the Rijks and Anne Frank Museum, but there is so much more to explore, check it out.


Now you’re probably so frigging hungry you considered eating some of that cat nibble you saw at the cat museum (no shame if you did). Fear not there are a ton of great places to get your grub on from great Asian street food, to classic Apple Cake and cafe, to food halls that simply cater to all tastes.


Obviously you’re going to need to wash down all this deliciousness with something, and thankfully the Dutch do drinking well. From great beer, smooth Rosé and some intense old-school gin, you can wet your whistle in many different forms.


Lastly, it’s bedtime my friends, and time to rest your heads… there are a ton of great fashionable hotels, and of course, AirBnB’s galore, but if you looking for something budget, that is definitely an interesting experience, consider the Hotel School. Yeah. It’s a school, for hoteling, that you sleep in. You are basically the students homework. Surprisingly the service is top notch, and the cost extremely reasonable with a quick 5 minute tram ride to the city center.

That pretty much wraps up Amsterdam for us, stay tuned for the 10 other cities we traveled to this summer for WOW Airlines. You can read all about the experience at our other site, The Travel Agency.