Come feed your inner 80’s child at this amazing, one of a kind upscale food joint, Saved By The Max! A complete, submersive restaurant and bar of your favorite afterschool TV show, you can roam the halls, peer into lockers, and best of all up your Instagram game 100 with all the props, neon, and fantastic backdrops. Derrik Berry, and Michelin star chef Brian Fisher created a menu that we have to say is some of the tastiest eats in all of LA (Perhaps because they fly their pastrami in from Chicago’s Manny’s deli daily) and the drinks are exceptionally creative and delicious.

Munch on some AC Sliders or some Kapowski’s fried pickles while slurping down an I’m So Excited or a Saved by the Slushy while watching the restaurant come alive with 80’s joy as new friends hop behind the radio boot, get shoved in lockers, or of course, answer the iconic payphone. Since we shot this we’ve been back a bunch of times really because the food is that good, but if you want to experience The Max you better hurry, word on the street this pop-up is going to shut it’s doors soon as the owners are itching to try something new and fun. Whatever it is gonna be, we cant wait to see.

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Address 7100 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 185 West Hollywood, CA 90046 (323) 850-2355

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