The wine runs deep through the streets of Barcelona, where there are more wine bars then Starbucks (thankfully), so finding the best can be a daunting choice. Frankly, it’s hard to find one that will not intoxicate you with charm, quality, and variety, but when we wanna pop a cork, there is no other place then La Graciosa in Vila de Grácia Barcelona.

What makes this place so exceptional is well beyond the prolific abundance of fantastic natural wines on display, beyond the cavernous but cozy interior, or the open air patio where impromptu paella sessions are known to happen. It’s the lovely proprietaros who curate this beautiful bodega of nectars, who will bring you through an epic journey glass by glass.

In a city where tourism runs rampant through the streets, and most places have difficulty keeping up with the demand, La Graciosa gracefully keeps pace, giving every wandering soul who ventures in caring attention, and a unique personal experience that makes you feel like you know the owners from grade school. The feeling wine gives you inside is what they surround you in atmosphere, which is why you may walk out with more than a new favorite bottle of vino, but a new best friend as well.

Carrer de Milà i Fontanals, 88, 08012 Barcelona, Spain
C536+56 Barcelona, Spain
+34 936 63 79 97


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