Best Beer in Belgium?

Where to drink in Brussels, Belgium? Where is the best beer, nightlife and bars to hit up in the city center at night? We got you covered in this travel guide to Brussels amazing drink culture.

For us there are two places you gotta hit up if you’re looking for a proper drink, one the classic and always a good time Delirium Tremens right in the center of town. With hundreds of beers to choose from its pretty hard not to find something to wet your whistle.

The other is a bit more for the advanced alcoholic, that’s Cantillon Brewery, which is a pretty good walk from anything remotely interesting. Rest assured arriving here will soothe your soul where you can take a guided, or self guided, or I-drank-too-much-and-dont-remember-the-tour walk through this historic brewery that draws an eclectic crowd who come from all corners of the globe to try their famous Lambic beer.

Delirium Tremens
Cantillon Cantillon

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