We got sent to live in Reykjavik for 3 months to work with WOW airlines making travel films (R.I.P.W.O.W.) and got to experience Reykjavik like the locals do. 3 months isn’t a ton of time, but because the people here are cool, and warm and open, they inject you into city life pretty fast. Also the city is about 3 blocks long, so, you get to know your way round a Hlollabatar sandwich pretty quick.

Bottom line there is a TON of fun to be had in the northernmost capital in the world, in the oldest parliament in the world, from amazing clubs, to nature that will blow your mind, to epic meals, and fermented shark that’s like eating gym socks soaked in rancid Monster energy drink. Kyle approved.

This starts off our look at Iceland so tune in every day as we put up A NEW VID EACH DAY… hope you like and subscribe. Bless!

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