The Weirdest Museum in Berlin? The DDR Museum.

What to do and see in Berlin? Our vote is definitely visit the DDR museum which has got to be the most interactive museum in the world. See what life was like in the Cold War, engage in Stasi spy techniques, even visit a retro kitchen and get real recipes from the day. Try on clothing, drive a car through West Berlin, and see lots of naked people … wait, what? Yeah … FKK or the “free body movement” was alive and well in Cold War Germany celebrating the benefits of being naked for everyone.

From the museum: “The DDR Museum in Berlin shows the life in GDR, not just ostalgia. A hands-on experience of history, the only GDR museum and Berlin’s interactive museum. The DDR Museum provides a unique visitor experience, making it one of Berlin’s most popular museums. Engage all of your senses to enjoy an immersive experience of everyday life in the former East Germany. Covering a range of topics based on sound academic research – everyday life, the Berlin Wall, the Stasi and much more – our exhibition encourages its visitors to touch, feel and interact, so as to reach a fun and full understanding of the past. Explore all aspects of daily life behind the Berlin Wall and the workings of the state – all under one roof.”

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