The best bars and lounges in Berlin? We asked locals where they like to get their drink on and give you the top three watering holes in Berlin.

Zum Starken August is part carnival, part dive, part regret, part extacy. They do things a lot differently here, like serving bloody mary’s in a catchup bottle so you can squirt your way to post brunch belligerence.

Bei Schlawinchen maybe most famous for not ever closing it’s doors in 40 years. Rain, shine, war, syphilis outbreak, fire, drought, the Cubs winning the world series, you name it, they were open. They’re so old school that they don’t even have a website. We love that. realness.

Klunker Kranick is a bar inside a parking lot that is like Neverland for a drinking age audience. A bit of a speakeasy, you need to navigate through a mall’s garage to find it, but once you do, you are in food food halls, beer halls, and art installations with some of the best views of Berlin around.

Berlin is a fantastic travel destination with world class museums, restaurants and culture. They also have some of the greatest bars, lounges, and places to get your drink on, so come take a spin where we take a look at our favorite places suggested by Berlin locals.
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