Berlin IS food. We’re talking schwarman, doughnuts, food halls, michelin star restaurants, kumpir, turkish bbq, turkish meatballs, vegan and vegetarian, burgers, and classic german fare. WHOA! Yep, all in one episode. So buckle up, unbuckle your belt, and dig in.


First up is Prinzessinnengarten. Say that with your mouth full. This place is a delight, open air, plenty of places to sit, with lots of fun, farm fresh food stalls to eat healthy, delicious modern faire. Plenty of good things here, vegetarian and vegan as well, with a lovely farmers market.

Konak Grill

Next, famous Turkish meatball sandwich at the Izmir Koeftecisi Konak Grill. These are insanely good, cheap, and will have you coming back for more. Grilled meats thrown into a soft roll with lots of fresh bright vegetable, you cant go wrong. Make sure you go to this one as there are lots of crappy imitators.

Brammibal’s Donuts 

Ich bin Berliner means Im a donut if you’ve ever watched Eddy Izzard and you can be one too if you go to Brammibal’s Donuts which has the most insane, delicious doughnuts this side of the Spree. Lavender, honey, crack caramel, you name it, and dont forget their epic coffee to wash it down.

La Femme

Kumpir is a national treasure in Berlin and should be. A baked potato, whipped with cheese and butter, then stuffed with all sorts of tasty goodies like veg, spicy noodles, meats, you name it. It’s a flavor explosion and there is only one place that does it better than everyone else, and thats La Femme.

Fes Turkish BBQ

There is a lot of Turkish food, but if you’re looking for something unique, upscale but still accessible, Fes Turkish BBQ is the place to be. This place is fantastic, serving up the freshest meats and the most beautiful side dishes. What’s more they have a killer Turkish wine list if you wanna get down with Thrace grape.


In the hip Kreuzberg area, in a positively ancient mens bathroom under a train platform, you will find the most amazing burger stand in Europe. Burgermeister is the master of burgers as far as we are concerned, and is well worth the line it generates.

Zum Schusterjungen

Zum Schusterjungen is the go to if you are looking for classic German cuisine like pig knuckle and Schnitzel, and will absolutely knock your socks off. Old-school charm, and old-world tastes are a modern joy here, and as one of the last meals our idol Anthony Bourdain had, we at least feel better he went out with a belly full of good food.

Markthalle Neun

If you can’t decide what the hell you want then Berlin has a solution for that as well. Head to Markthalle Neun and wander through lanes of fantastic food stalls serving up anything you can imagine. Cheesemongers, Salumists, bakeries, ice cream, fresh veg, vegetarian, grilled meats, pasta, you name it it’s here, and all housed in a stunningly beautiful retired train depot. So cool.

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Saving perhaps the best for last is the life-changing Nobelhart & Schmutzig – a Michelin starred masterpiece across from Checkpoint Charlie. This dining experience was so extraordinary we did a full blown short documentary Chef Table style on it. Check it out here. Dont forget to check out YouTube TravelClast channel where we have hundreds of quick, fun guides on dozens of cities you’re gonna fall in love with.





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