Nobelhart und Schmutzig (@nobelhartundschmutzig) is not like any other restaurant you have been to. Supremely unique, undeniably authentic, and outstandingly delicious. The dream team duo Chef Micha Shafer (@michaschaefer) and Billy Wagner (@billywagnerwirt) have created a dining experience that lets you not only taste Berlin on a plate, but become part of the human tapestry that makes up this dynamic city.

First, the food. All the products on the plate come from within the city limits of Berlin. Think about that. No olive oil, no foreign fish, this is only foodstuff you will find native to Berlin, which on its own is unique. Chef Shafer then works his magic, letting the flavors do their thing as he paints masterpieces on plates. On the menu, beside each description, is the name of the human that is bringing the ingredients of each dish to your table. In some cases, the GPS coordinates of the tree from where the fruit comes from. It’s like that.

Second, the experience. Wagner brings you into this warm, windowless den and tells you “there are no phones, no screens. Tonight you have to be present” which is the greatest present a host has ever given me. A master Som, he fills our glasses with local nectar, and encourages us to meet our new best friends sitting next to us. Records play in the background, and the chatter fills the room in a warm blanket of cheer.

In the end no film can fully explain the experience that is Nobelhart & Schmutzig, it is not meant to be recorded or shown, which is why there are so few films or photos about it. It is meant to be experienced, first hand, with open heart and eager hands. Thats why perhaps the name translates to Nobel Heart and Getting Dirty.

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