The Stasi were the secret police during the Cold War and were feared by pretty much everyone due to their iron grip on communication, movement, and general freedom. One of the coolest and most unique museums in Berlin takes a look at Stasi activity during this time, showing you actual documents, spy tech, and gives you a really authentic feeling of what it was like to live under Stasi control.

Best of all the museum is located in the old Stasi headquarters, well outside the city center and deep, deep in East Berlin, and, having been left exactly as it was since the wall fell, you can can literally wander through the halls to see exactly what it looked like, which is a major trip. Beyond being super interesting how the Stasi operated, the building itself and Cold War era design are the real showstoppers here. Again, its a bit of a hike, but well well worth it, and something totally unique when it comes to visiting Berlin Germany.

Address: Ruschestraße 103/Haus 1, 10365 Berlin, Germany

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