I met Irene Magro and Ana Cardona through a good friend while in Madrid for Get Lost Magazine, and was simply blown away by their cool shop in the ultra hip Malasana district.

The Malasana district can be considered the Williamsburg of Madrid, with way cooler shops that sell truly unique high fashion gear. Besides the rowdy tapas bars and kitschy storefronts, you will also find Magro Cardona on Divino Pastor street who happen to be one of the hottest footwear designers around.

They’re classy but funky design has caught the attention of many a fashionista and they are constantly innovating and launching new fresh lines so keep an eye out for these women. They are rad.


And stay tuned as I cover Madrid for Get Lost Magazine (www.getlostmagazine.com) this week, celebrating this ancient city who is about to host the amazing Davis Cup Tennis Championship in November.
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