The Marquesas island of Hiva Oa, home of French painter Paul Gauguin and Belgian singer Jacques Brel, greeted us with a misty, rainbow and lively music from beautifully tattooed locals, that welcomed us to explore this island paradise.

We boarded rickety wooden busses driven by guitar wielding drivers who carted us up the mountain to the Calvary Cemetery, to visit the graves of the two most famous residents here, Gauguin and Brel, where devoted fans from every corner of the world paid their respects with messages of love and respect etched on stones.

Next we dove into the world of Gauguin visiting his museum where an impressive collection of his work, and work of local artist in the style of Gauguin is presented, along with his workshop home, the Maison du Jouir, which walking though gives you an amazing understanding of this genius artists life.

Finally, walking back to the ship I stopped off at a darling little restaurant Chez Georges et Tahu, where we had an absolutely fabulous meal along the seaside. Highly recommended. Before we knew it we were back on our floating palace the Aranui 5 and Hiva Oa said goodbye with yet another beautiful rainbow. Hope to see you again soon, beautiful island in the Polynesian sea.