So, 2 years ago we won a contest for the now defunct WOW airlines (RIP). They sent us around the world to make travel films for them, and gave us a sweet little apartment on Nönnugata street, steps from the Hallgrimskirkja Church.

We lived there for nearly 3 months, and got to experience Reykjavik a bit more then the standard layover tourist. We ended up making over 130 travel films from the trip, and since WOW went out of business we launched this channel this year with all our hard work. It was truly an amazing time, 12 cities, and countless miles, amazing experience, and tons of new friends.

This is a special film, for two reasons. One, it’s the last film from that travel period (although we are continually making more content), and two, it’s basically all the bits that was left on the cutting room floor. Most of it is behind the scenes, and a real honest look at what life was like with me and Brad sharing a semi-subterranean apartment in the most expensive city in the world. We ate a lot of fish jerky. So we celebrate an amazing adventure, getting to share it with everyone, and for all the trips ahead!

Thanks for coming with us! R+B

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