This is my 1964 Chevy Corvair Coop 900 Monza edition in midnight blue with mag wheels. This was the last year they offered the unique Fisher unibody design modeled after European roadsters of the time making it extremely sought after. The body is in great shape with no rust, and is a true California cruiser. This has been my baby for a while, but we’re having a real baby so it’s time to let her go.

The rear mounted engine is a strong running 4 speed manual transmission, dual carburetor 2.7 liter, overhead valve engine whose horizontally opposed 6 cylinder create 95 hp at 3600 rpm. It has new rebuild carbs that have been professionally tuned and timed, a new fuel pump, the original Delco starter, a brand new battery and cables and runs great. The Corvair was the first flat air-cooled sports engine to be put in a coupe, which is where Porche originally got the idea.

The front trunk is huge and very clean. You can see the blower and the conversion to a dual master brake cylinder for better handling here at the top.

The interior is all original except for the custom racing steering wheel, but I have the original wheel which can be put back on. The coupe is super spacious, and the rear bench seat is in perfect condition, the front driver seat has a tear on the bottom, but a new seat from original matching vinyl is less then 200 dollars. All the original chrome hardware works like the day it rolled off the line. The signals and all electrical works great, and the trim is in good condition and shines brightly. It even has the original Chevy Delco radio with programmable push buttons that works great.

That’s all fine but how does it drive? Fantastic.

Maintaining the Corvair has been easy, with abundant parts and simplicity of engine. The engine was tuned professionally by the Funke Auto Shop in Studio City last week. Tires are like new, and I’ve converted it to a Dual Master Brake cylinder for better braking. Handles great on the highway, all electrical and signals work, and is definitely an eye catcher. Lots of people are always stopping me on the street to tell me their Corvair stories which is great. There is a huge society of Corvair owners online who are always super helpful as well. It’s a great car, and no wonder Mototrend listed it a favorite affordable classic.