Ray-Ban partnered with Facebook to create these wearable tech glasses that come in 3 different frames with 20 color combinations. The packaging and case are extremely high quality and low profile which I love, and the glasses look just like my regular Ray-Ban Wayfarers which is amazing. Setup is as easy as just turning them on.

The glasses come with dual 5 megapixel cameras. The left one records high quality photos, or 1:1 video perfect for social media. The right camera is used for depth perception for post effects in the app. Behind that lens you’ll find the on off switch and on the other side a status indicator light. There is stereo sound, and a 3-mic 360 audio pickup and an invisible touch bar that controls the camera, phone and music. The battery will last a solid 6 hours on one charge, and the case will hold 3 additional full charges to keep you juiced all day long.

Internal memory can store 500 photos or 35 30 second video clips. To take a shot It’s either voice activated or you can push the button at the top of the frame like you’re scratching your temple.

Using the glasses is second nature. I found the quality to be amazing for these seemingly no profile tech, and found some extremely useful applications like when cooking. I especially liked how no one seemed to care I had them on because they look just like regular glasses, especially if you have the clear variety. The app, which I’m sure will expand, has some cool features, like turning photographs into different 3D images, or to quickly create montage stories with music for sharing on social media. While not waterproof, they are definitely well built and lightweight so that you forget you even have them on.

Downloading the footage couldn’t be easier. In the time it took me to put the glasses down the clip was already transferred automatically to my phone to the dedicated View app. The app is super easy to use and comes with a lot of features that help you create stories quickly and simply. Once you’re happy with your creation you can save it to your device, or, very simply share it in a multitude of ways. Since it’s Facebook tech, sharing to Instagram is completely seamless.

So overall what do I think about the Ray-Ban Stories? I think they’re pretty great. Most wearable tech tends to make life more complicated, or tries to solve for something no one asked for. In this case, the glasses do a fantastic job of recording and sharing life’s moments without getting in the way. I do a lot of documentary work, and one thing that I always battle with is what happens to people when you take a camera or phone out … they change, it is inevitable. With these glasses you can minimize your influence on recording a situation, which results in a much more authentic experience. They’re light weight, great looking, and frankly kinda amazing.

The Stats and Specs:

dual 5mp camera
photos 2592×1944
video 1184 square 30fps
invisible touch bar on the side controls the camera, phone, and music
360 audio
voice recognition
clear UV and blue light blockers, transition lenses or classic shades
6 hours battery, three charges in case
500 photos 35 30 second clips
cost: $299 and up