The Manafest has placed me in the top 100 list of top Influencer Agencies … I didn’t know that was a thing and I’m honored to come in at a solid #30

5 stars across the board … except for scheduling … 4.9 … fair enough … I like to keep it loose, I live in LA now after all. Chill bro.

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This is interesting to me because I just watched a very cool interview with Andrew Rea who you might know as Binging with Babish. I adore Andrew, was watching since video one, and hearing this interview was really eye opening (thanks Randy Slavin for passing it my way)

Lot’s of goodness in there for any creative to hear. What I found hitting home was that he, like me, went to school for filmmaking, and was only focused on making films. These “little videos” were nothing really, just a distraction. At one point he realized that he was a “content creator”, a new term, which for those of my generation find a bit hard to swallow, especially if you were inspired by the Rodriguez-Tarantino-PTA-Smith Dogma 95 crew.

It took a while to realize that handcrafting content for brands is a viable business, and moreover, an inspired creative endeavour. I’m fortunate to have lived in the birth of the influencer, despite how cringy that word can be to some, I’m glad I was here before it became pedestrian like any other job.

Thanks for the mention Manafest. Here’s to getting up to #29 next year. I’m coming for you … Idea Hall, of Costa Mesa. (Maybe they’ll hire me…. 😉