The Sony a6300

As a travel photog/writer/filmmaker, your gear is the way you communicate with the world (and feed yourself) so you are always looking for a "spork" ... the perfect combo of tech that lets you capture everything you want the way you want to. For me there needs to be a balance between film and photography, which... Continue Reading →

Thailand from above.

I fly drones. It's something I love doing, and as a filmmaker I find that they are fantastic tools for storytelling. My particular temptation is probably using them in ways they were not intended to be used, mainly flying through things like doors, windows, and tree branches. I like the way it makes a shot look... Continue Reading →

“Moto Borgotaro” breaks the mold of short docs.

I do usually break things. Sometimes (rarely) I get awarded for it. So it is with the tale of Moto Borgotaro, a short, face-melting documentary about master motorcycle mechanic Peter Boggia and his hand-built 1979 Moto Guzzi Le Mans that tears the seat outta pants and make men into piles of goo, not unlike Monica Bellucci.... Continue Reading →

Google and the ADA

I had the profound opportunity to travel around the U.S. last month interviewing some of the pioneers and champions of those with disabilities. Google and the ADA really opened my eyes to the changes that we've made in this country, and all the changes yet to happen. I thank everyone at Google and 72andSunny for... Continue Reading →

what a filmmaker brings to the jungle.

So. Almost time to go. If you read my previous post (mini-rant?) you will know that having gone to South East Asia before and listening a bit too carefully to the internet, I brought perhaps WAY TOO MUCH gear. So here is basically the bottom line for traveling to SEA. ***DISCLAIMER*** No one paid me to... Continue Reading →

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