Strange days these days but hey, there’s a bright side to everything. In the wake of this COVID madness we’ve been “gifted” lots of time to spend at home which has yielded some very interesting discoveries. I have one have discovered that I can comfortably edit for 24 hours straight, and consume 2 bottles of Pinot comfortably before 5pm. I have also discovered some old gems hidden on my hard drive that deserve to be reunited with the world.

Since we are all cooking waaaaaay more than we ever had before in our lives, I think we’ll start this retrospective off with two lovely little home cooking films. First is my Ma, who I somehow got on camera to explain how she makes the family red sauce. This is a coveted recipe folks, and I once was forced to break up with a girlfriend because I came too close to revealing the family secret. Italian Ma’s amairite?

Not to be outdone my Pop jumped in front of the camera (well was forcibly coaxed) and did his epic fried artichokes. He doesn’t cook much, but I will say he does make fried artichokes and he really doesn’t have to do anything else, because damn, they are perfect.

As a bonus … here’s one of me making Beer Battered Saffron Shrimp with “Stachionayse” … an original recipe I did for a show I made called the Brewhaha. I swear to God I wasn’t high when I made this even though my eyes might tell a different story.

Stay safe out there everyone! Make good food and love one another … it’s all we got in the end.