Drone over Chicago!

Today’s a great day to take a little trip to one of our favorite US cities, Chicago, and drone over this epic river ribboned metropolis.

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Drone: DJI Mavic https://goo.gl/jLa257

Camera: Sony A7rIII https://goo.gl/ijE1vZ

B Cam: Sony a6300 https://goo.gl/cs7AJm

Art Lens: 25mm CCTV f1.4 https://goo.gl/EgZShq

360 Camera: Samsung Gear 360 https://goo.gl/1jsfn8

Mic: Zoom H6 https://goo.gl/Gani8E

Lavs: Sony UWPD16 https://goo.gl/LXpHyg

Tripod: Manfrotto 390 https://goo.gl/6PzxBv


My kinda town…

Had a night in Chicago and it went a little something like this.

First thing was first. Pizza. Deep dish pizza. In the lobby.


Yeah, see, when you’re traveling you don’t always have the luxury of “going to a restaurant” or “sitting down to eat” or “chewing your food fully”. Thank God for small favors, as there was a great place right down the street, and The Kimpton hotel is a hellova nice place to let us take over the lobby. I tell you, after a long day of traveling to sit fireside with a hot slice and a cold beer from their swank bar is as close to perfection as you can get. The rooms are pretty alright too.


Having eaten and thrown my crap in my room it was now time to liberate myself liberally. So we slid out and down the street to a little joint named The Lodge.

What to say about The Lodge… there are peanuts, shuffleboard, and cheap good drinks. This is a bar that is a bar, and thats all it is. It’s filled with lively lovely people, some of them get in bar fights, some of them spill their drinks, all of them go home with a memory. It’s a hellova place, and it should not be missed.

At some point we ended up at Zebra Lounge and listened to a caustic caucasian castrate Cat Stevens, but there were not pictures of that. I had to be pretty far gone not to take any pictures of that.