and we’re off… buffalo racing.

Ah the illustrious world of buffalo racing. The pageantry. The jockeys with their sponsored banners and uniforms. All the pomp and circumstance that rivals even the Kentucky Derby. Nah. Just kidding. Buffalo Racing it turns out is about as country as you can get. It's a mixture between drag racing and rodeo if stock cars... Continue Reading →

day one. (send help.)

And so ... it begins. I met Joel right outside of customs at the Bangkok airport. I never formally met Joel, and frankly, didn't really know much about what I was getting into. It sounded exotic, dangerous, and most of all, fun, so I was 90% there. As long as I had a place to stay... Continue Reading →

getting there.

Jesus that was a long flight. I flew Cathay from Newark to Hong Kong. Flight left at 2am. That's just rediculous, but the flight was relatively empty, mainly because who the hell wants to leave at 2am and also because there are riots in Bangkok right now. Great time to find cheap fares people, God... Continue Reading →

where i like to stick it.

Mind out of the gutter folks. In the last post, I told you what I was taking. Now look where it's all going. Actually, keep your mind in the gutter, for this is a bag so goddamn sexy, you may want to make love to it.   This little hottie is the Partner's & Spade... Continue Reading →

how thailand happens. drones.

Sometimes I wonder how the hell I get myself into these situations. It all started in... Cambodia. In 2013 I went to Cambodia to shoot a doc with Sami Joensuu, who is a badass. The doc was for a non-profit called FIDA that brought humanitarian aid to some very remote parts of the world. We... Continue Reading →

i’m going to thailand. อึศักดิ์สิทธิ์!

Thailand. Tom Yum. The Beach. Sex Tourism. Thailand. I fell in love with Thailand well before The Hangover, when I read a book by Alex Garland called The Beach. It was later made into a critically forgotten film starring the impeccable Leo Di Cap, easily his master role trumping not only Romeo and Juliet, but the... Continue Reading →

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