Jesus that was a long flight.


I flew Cathay from Newark to Hong Kong. Flight left at 2am. That’s just rediculous, but the flight was relatively empty, mainly because who the hell wants to leave at 2am and also because there are riots in Bangkok right now. Great time to find cheap fares people, God bless civil unrest.

Going to Cambodia I flew Asiana (yeah, the guy that missed the runway in SF) and frankly it was a better plane; plugs, wifi, better entertainment system. But I didnt care, just happy to be in a seat sleeping.

Arriving in Hong Kong I was blown away by the airport. Super modern, clean, and with high end stores that rival Rodeo Drive.

IMG_1352 honkkong airport

Since Cathay’s idea of breakfast is Congee, basically porrage, I decided take my Tale of Two Cities ass up to the food court and hope something was open. Boy was it, all sorts of delights; noodle bars, sushi, something called a Japanese porkchop palace, and of course good ol’ McDonalds. Oh, sorry, Mc Cafe, which is like the French Laundry of McDonalds. They have real paper napkins.


Of course I went noodles.



Beef noodle. Spicy beef noodles. Who gives a shit that it was 530 am – this shit was going in my stomach. It was of course the best thing I ever ate and worth all 16 dollars or 9,476 Hong Kong Dollars (actually not surewhat the exchange was, all I know is I gave the guy a 20 dollar USD bill and he gave me 50 HKD back. Bonus, right?)

Belly full of brothy delight I went to the gate, taking an ultra modern train. When I boarded I gasped when I saw this:

IMG_1355 IMG_1354

Bastards improved the damn pole people. The pole. Thats like saying “yeah, sure you have the wheel, but have you tried our wheel? It’s way better.” and it was. NYC are you taking notes? I’d really like to not be holding hands with that scabby dude on the F train any longer. Thanks.

After a short layover, just long enough to totally hate how crappy free internet is (such a first world problem man) I jumped the second flight, where I gasped yet again folks, at this:


That blue colostomy bag looking thing on my lap is an airbag. For my crotch. Take that in for a sec. You’re on a plane. In the … air. and you have a … airbag. In the case you crash into… more air. What’s even more amazing is that it is protecting my balls, which is probably something I’d really want if I did extreme sports. I love traveling mainly for moments like this.

I landed in Bangkok, which has a modern airport of steel and glass, and makes you walk almost as far as Miami Int’l Airport does to get the hell out of it. At the exit I found Joel, our producer, who greeted me with a smile.

And so I would be home for the next month. Here we go.