How to become a travel writer

Just a little waxing on how I became a travel writer.

One for the Road; The Bourdain of Booze.

Just reflecting a bit about how booze let me see the best of the world.

How I Became a Travel Host.

  Last summer Brad Stuart and I got the chance to travel around the world and make films for WOW Air, having won their global TravelGuide Contest. It was a surreal experience, somehow being chosen from over 30,000 incredible entries, and learning how to produce a full travel program on the road with just two... Continue Reading →

and we’re off… buffalo racing.

Ah the illustrious world of buffalo racing. The pageantry. The jockeys with their sponsored banners and uniforms. All the pomp and circumstance that rivals even the Kentucky Derby. Nah. Just kidding. Buffalo Racing it turns out is about as country as you can get. It's a mixture between drag racing and rodeo if stock cars... Continue Reading →

day one. (send help.)

And so ... it begins. I met Joel right outside of customs at the Bangkok airport. I┬ánever formally met Joel, and frankly, didn't really know much about what I was getting into. It sounded exotic, dangerous, and most of all, fun, so I was 90% there. As long as I had a place to stay... Continue Reading →

getting there.

Jesus that was a long flight. I flew Cathay from Newark to Hong Kong. Flight left at 2am. That's just rediculous, but the flight was relatively empty, mainly because who the hell wants to leave at 2am and also because there are riots in Bangkok right now. Great time to find cheap fares people, God... Continue Reading →

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