No really. That’s a thing. And it’s today.

I don’t know why that is so surprising really… we have national sock day, a day for toenails, even a day to appreciate slugs (they are very important to gardens you know). So why wouldn’t we celebrate our favorite vehicle for delivering food to your mouth?

As such, I would like to introduce you to a little series I created with a good friend of mine Chef Jeremy Spector (who is the father of the worlds best hamburger). It’s called…wait for it… Make Me A Sandwich.

The premise is simple: we go into famous chef’s kitchens and, well, have them make us a sandwich. And we film it. Then we eat the sandwich.

There isn’t much really to the show, story arc-wise. Joseph Campbell would not be impressed, however, I think that’s what has made it so successful; it’s rare to see chefs in their natural environment making something they like to eat at home on the couch. It’s super human, and I love it. Take Will Horowitz for example, who won season one of MMAS (you can’t really win, but if you try his grandfather’s pastrami sandwich you think you won). He’s impossible not to love.

I might add that after we shot this he went to open a second restaurant… that focuses on the pastrami sandwich. Boom.

Anyway pop over to the Make Me A Sandwich Vimeo Channel to see all the fantastic nibbles from fantastic chefs like Jenifer Esposito, Noah Fecks, Wade Moses, and Aliya Leekong.

And in honor of National Sandwich Day may I suggest that no one cut the crusts off today, as a sign of respect to the all mighty sandwich.