Are you hungry? We really hope so because one of our favorite places to visit in LA to chow down is the Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles. This place has a bit of everything from sweets to savory, food to drink, you are bound to find something to tickle your tastebuds.

Grand Central market is the kinda place you love to hate to love. It’s been there in some form or another for nearly a century, and now, in it’s hipsterfied, gentrificated glory it provides nibbles and craft goods for discerning people of means. It’s not an expensive place to experience, but it is surrounded by a downtown rife with a homeless epidemic that is second to none.

As a traveller it is hard to only notice the good in a place and not how good a place is for the world, meaning, we have to wonder if you can truly enjoy yourself being in the epicenter of human tragedy. That said the tacos are really, really tasty.


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