DONT GO TO BRUSSELS. That’s what everyone said to us, but did we listen? NO. Cause we knew that this international city was way more thAn just the EU HQ, it was fantastic food, parties, and people where you can get down all night.

We were surprised how so many people furled their brow when we said we were going to do a travel guide on Brussels. What’s there to see in Brussels? Well a lot, from chocolate palaces, to giant atoms with escalators, to a perhaps unnatural obsession with statues that pee, Brussels is a strange, wonderful and fun city.

A few places we cover:
The Atomium:
Delirium Cafe:
Neuhaus Chocolates:

BONUS: you get to witness what happens to Rob’s facial hair when he loses a bet. (Spoiler: It’s not good, and he’ll never forget that Sophia is the capital of Bulgaria)

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