Southern Florida Ultimate Guide 2019.

Miami, The Keys, Dade County beware, here is the local guide to all the good stuff worth seeing. I wrote this out for my friend, so you know it’s honest advice. Enjoy.

So when you arrive I suggest we roll over to Wynwood which is the arts district with really fantastic street art… since its early and the streets don’t close, this would be a good thing to hit first

There are a few breakfast places that are exceptional

And last but not least… fried chicken…

Next up South Beach … quintessential Miami … Figure we could park and walk the strip, see some of the Art Deco buildings, walk down Lincoln where all the shopping is, then camp out at one of the hotel beaches for lunch. Personally I have a soft spot for the Delano … it’s older then the rest but somehow still screams South Beach to me … and if I remember correctly they have an epic salad you can eat on a giant bed on the beach … hard part will be not wanting to be inside you the whole time.

If you wanna take a look … here is a great list of places if any of them peak your interest…

For the other days there are some more fun stuff to do!

Airboat rides are pretty fun… did a bit of research and this one seems pretty legit, and gets you pretty close to gators which can be rad.

Ive done this one… which is nice…

Or you can do it with kayak…

Or kayak in the glades…

Or hike in the glades…

There is some great snorkeling at Pennekamp park

Water temperature is 75 degrees if you can believe it.

Key West is about 3 hours from Homestead and is a nice drive through the Keys… if you like we can go down Thursday in the morning and have lunch/dinner in Key West which is a lot of fun. … on the way down there is lots to do:

On the way back my favorite jet ski place is at the islander hotel … they take you in the back keys to see all the crazy houses on the canals, then out into the Atlantic under the US1 bridge… its dope…

There is also the gun range which is fun if you want to let off a few rounds…

And a fantastic lobster roll at Snooks …

Theres some other random things that caught my attention …

Like fossil hunting???

Feel like racing a car?

Feel like eating really weird fruit?

Feel like drinking wine from that weird fruit?

Get excited cause Southern Florida is weird and wonderful. Dont forget to check out my youtube channel for fun travel vids. 



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