This week Film Shortage will be highlighting Italy in Bocca as one of their top pics. This is extremely exciting news, as lots of new people will be introduced to these amazing books and our little story. Also Film Shortage has always been an inspirational place to find really quality independent film, so I’m honored to be included in their collection.

Here is a snippet from their review:

We immediately fell in love with ‘Italy in Bocca’, the film speaks directly to our hearts and bellies. The nostalgia of it all, the trip, the people, the towns… the first part of the doc really brought us immediately to a happy place and kept driving us forward being dynamic, fun, and incredibly well produced, to a very satisfying ending. Bravo.

So very satisfying to us as well. What a wild ride it’s been and it keeps going. The little film we shot in one day has been shown so much love I honestly don’t know what to say. I guess when you do something out of love you get it back. I’ll eat to that. Thanks Film Shortage for sharing the In Bocca Love!