We Need To Talk About Washington DC’s Chinatown.


As an unyielding New Yorker, I always enjoy an authentic Chinatown experience, where I can fetch the far east at my footstep. Washington DC’s Chinatown is like no other where you can have an authentic transcendent experience and be transported away to the far east by footstep. enjoy potbelly sandwiches in Chinese. or cava mezze grill, in Chinese. how about some capital one banking. in Chinese. work off all that sandwich at the Washington sports club. in Chinese. have traditional Peet’s coffee. in Chinese. or a healthy salad at Chopt. in Chinese. stay connected at t mobile in Chinese. or get a new frock or toilet brush Chinese. Obviously you’ll be wanting a big Mexican dumpling. or, you get the idea. There is literally not one Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. DC you are a wild one. 

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