The best restaurant in Reykjavik 2019 is…

There are a ton of great restaurants in Reykjavik, so where should you go eat? You really can't go to Kol which takes a modern look at Icelandic culinary culture with sublimely curated dishes, along with an electrifying cocktail program. House baked sourdough with cultured butter, Beef carpaccio with mouse and truffle mayo, Icelandic... Continue Reading →

Don’t go to the Blue Lagoon.

Should you go to the Blue Lagoon, Iceland's perhaps most famous attraction? We went, and were surprised a bit at what we found at this Thermal Hot Spring just outside Reykjavik that is a "must see" for any tourist going to Iceland. While it was striking and definitely something unique, we were surprised to... Continue Reading →

Walk inside a giant atom in Brussels.

The Atomium is by far one of the weirdest tourist attractions you can go to, and if you're in Brussels it's worth the trek out to. A bit of a hike from the city center, this giant atom you can walk in offers some fantastic views of the city. It's also surrounded by a giant... Continue Reading →

Best Beer in Belgium?

Where to drink in Brussels, Belgium? Where is the best beer, nightlife and bars to hit up in the city center at night? We got you covered in this travel guide to Brussels amazing drink culture. For us there are two places you gotta hit up if you're looking for a proper drink, one... Continue Reading →

Best Chocolate in Brussels?

Do you want to know where to get the best chocolate in Belgium? Do you want us to tell you that there is no way to definitively say and you must, MUST, eat a piece from each of the famous chocolate houses in order to truly know? We'll do that for you, if you need... Continue Reading →

The Best Winery in Paso Robles, Central Coast Ca.

Central California has some of the best wines the world can offer, but one winery in Paso Robles is doing it with a bit more panache then the rest. Tooth and Nail Winery is located in a full castle, complete with aqua-marine moat, and protects some of the best grape this region has to offer.... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Racing in Thailand you must see.

In the back country of Chonburi Thailand, villagers come together with their land-working buffalos and compete in a crazy type of drag race to see which is the fastest. The stakes are high; the buffalo are not like horses, the riders, hang atop these 2 ton beasts by the nape of their necks for dear... Continue Reading →

Drone over Big Sur!

Man, there are few places more stunning then Big Sur, which has been called the "longest and most scenic stretch of undeveloped coastline in the contiguous United States". It's dramatic coastline where the Santa Lucia Mountains crash into the blue Pacific with such epic force that it will simply take your breath away. Take a... Continue Reading →

Drone over Berlin!

Took the little Mavic for a spin over one of our favorite cities, Berlin, with it's iconic skyline, beautiful rivers, and stunning green zones has plenty to see from the air. NEW VIDEO EACH DAY folks! So we hope you like and subscribe and stay tuned for lots more drone and travel films from Brad... Continue Reading →

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