One of the greatest trips of my lifetime was exploring the NorthWest Passage aboard a Russian research vessel with One Ocean Expeditions. I was there on assignment for Get Lost Magazine, and had never been that far North before, well above the Arctic Circle. We left from Greenland, and traveled across Baffin Bay, visited abandoned RMC outposts, Inuit towns, and saw plenty of amazing wildlife, even a hungry polar bear.

The crew was comprised of a team of specialists, from glaciologists to botanists to historians, so it was like talking to living encyclopedias. Any question you had about that fascinating world could be answered over a scotch in the galley. It was a magical trip, unlike any other I ever took.

I was mainly there to take photos, but did take these little 5 second moments so I could remember the sounds and sights a bit better if my memory ever fades. Glad I did.

Here is a little drone film of the arctic and the ship:

Lots of photos here:

And you can read the article on my site:

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