100 year old lightbulb-3(1)

The Livermore Centennial light bulb has been on, continually, for over 100 years. If this doesn’t blow your mind then hearing stories from retired Fire Chief Thomas Bramell about how they used to hit it with footballs because they had no idea how old it was will definitely make you thing this bulb has super powers, which is exactly why “top men” have researched this filamented phenomenon’s longevity.

It even has it’s own dedicated web cam so you can see, with your own eyes, the lightbulb is still on.

While on a roadtrip to Portland, Oregon, this little marvel got on my radar, so I had to make a pit-stop. So glad I did, and was stoked when Thomas came down to give me a little special tour of the firehouse and wax yarns about this legendary bulb. One of my favorite stories was how it used to be in the old firehouse (which is now a restaurant which he gave me a little tour of) and to move it they had to hook it up to a car battery so they could keep the bulb on, and their title of longest running bulb alive as well. It was a precarious trip across town to say the least.

You can find even more about this amazing, Atlas Obscura-esque piece of Americana here or pick up a copy of Thomas’s book.

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