The Barcelona Cathedral, the MEAM museum of contemporary art, Fundacio Joan Miro museum, Castell Montjuic, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Guell palace, La Pedrera, and La Sagrada Familia are all in Barcelona and should not be missed. This is a city full of fantastic museums and architecture that can be a bit overwhelming but fortunately we did the legwork so you can see what you want to see for yourself.

The Barcelona Cathedral is home of the patron saint of the city Eulalia, who at age 13 was paraded without clothes down the street in summer by the Romans, at which point a freak snow storm hit the city and covered up her bare body. The Romans unfortunately were not wowed by this and put her in a barrel full of knives and rolled her down the street. Despite this horrific tale, the Cathedral still stands as one of the most beautiful places in the city to visit. Dont forget to hit up the back and see the 13 sacred geese.

Next check out the MEAM museum of contemporary art. This museum is an absolute gem that gets missed by a lot of tourists. The exhibits rotate but are always the latest in great art, and will definitely widen your eyes.

The Miro Foundation is located in a beautiful park above the city, and holds a rare collection of the famous artists more colorful pieces, including some breathtaking tapestries that we didn’t even know existed. Even more rare is a semi hidden fountain the artist created using real mercury as the fluid. It is the only one of its kind, and is kept behind a glass sealed room as the liquid metal is highly poisonous, but also extremely beautiful.

Castell Montjuic is a beautiful fort truly atop one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. From here you can get a 360 panoramic view of this city by the sea, as well as learn about the termutouslous military history of this ancient city.

The work of Gaudi can be seen up and down Passeig de Gracia but the most famous is La Pedrera AKA Casa Mila. On first sight it becomes clear why this still occupied apartment complex is one of the great symbols of Barcelona. It is one of Gaudi’s greatest works, fully showing the functional relationship between nature and construction. Definitely take a tour where you can pass through an apartment as it was at the turn of the century, and check the calendar as they throw lots of great music and night events year round.

Finally, La Sagrada Familia is by far the most well known attraction in Barcelona and for good reason. Nothing comes close to walking through the doors of this singularly unique cathedral that is still being finished to this day. Spires rocket toward the sky looking like it dripped from heaven, and inside you are bathed in a rainbow of bright colors from the immense ornate stained glass walls. More space ship then house of worship, La Sagrada is not to be missed.


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