Should you go to the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s perhaps most famous attraction? We went, and were surprised a bit at what we found at this Thermal Hot Spring just outside Reykjavik that is a “must see” for any tourist going to Iceland.

While it was striking and definitely something unique, we were surprised to find the vibe there to be a bit like a cattle ranch, where people are policed heavily to shower and mover through the pools, not terribly conducive to relaxation. It seemed more of an instagram backdrop than a functional hot springs, and while its strikingly blue waters are fascinating, if you look the other way you are reminded that the Blue Lagoon is really just the runoff from a thermal plant located in plain sight. Given it’s expensive price of nearly 100 USD our suggestion is to jump in a car and explore this exquisite country where there are literally dozens of easily accessible, free, natural hot springs, who’s view and healing, relaxing power will simply blow your mind (and back pain) away. Oh you want a suggestion? We’ll our favorite is Reykjadalur, which is just a quick, beautiful hike outside the town of Hveragerði which is just over an hour from Reykjavik. It’s free, lovely, and really cant be more beautiful… afterwards hop over to Olverk ( Pizza and Brew Pub and really complete the circle of relaxation.

This is just our honest opinion, and lots of people will still find a lot of joy here, and we love that, but for us, we perfect a more genuine article, and dont think pristine man made nature should come at such a premium price.

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