We’ll we’ve all done it. Faced jail time for a great meal. So is the story of Documentary Filmmaker Roberto Serrini who’s latest food-fanatic film takes a long hard look at the uber dangerous Penne Alla Vodka.



Food-fanatic filmmaker Roberto Serrini’s latest award-winning documentary has him in some potential hot (pasta) water. The film entitled “Disco Sauce: The True Untold Story of Penne Alla Vodka” takes an absurd deep dive into the controversial history behind this seemingly innocuous recipe. Serrini’s wild journey to recreate an authentic version of the dish using only the “absolute best possible ingredients”, had him purchasing highly illegal raw cream by infiltrating a raw dairy group on Facebook posing as a new mother looking for unpasteurized milk, ultimately making a cash deal on the street for the “pure, uncut cream”.

“It was like doing a drug deal, like in the 80’s. Well, I imagine.” Said Serrini. “Food to me has always been dangerously fun. Growing up in the culinary melting pot of Queens, food was the way we showed love, the way we argued, the way we communicated in general. Food has had me on an adventure all my life, and just like that, I found it bringing me to another deeper, even more absurdly potentially perilous journey.”.

has gone on to win multiple festival awards including a Platinum MarCom, Platinum Viddy, and most recently the prestigious Bob Saget Award for Best Comedy at the 2023 Taste Awards, and is the latest acclaimed food film for Serrini who usually lends his vision as a commercial director for global brands like Nike, Apple and Honda.

“We’ve known Serrini’s work for years as he’s brought such a unique vision to the advertising world with us, but when we saw this latest film we immediately knew this had the potential to disrupt food programming in a major way.” Says Ben Freedman EP of Picture Farm, who has produced award winning branded content, feature films and commercial campaigns on six continents. Serrini is currently working with Picture Farm producers Ben Freedman, Dion Sapp, and Matt Goldman on a follow-up to this successful recipe. “We’re all extremely excited to partner with him and offer something fresh to the cooking and travel genre with more of this wild concept. We’re all hungry for something different and authentic for sure and Disco Sauce is serving it up.”

“Disco Sauce”, which follows Serrini’s previous award winning documentary Italy In Bocca about a rare set of cardboard bound cookbooks, takes an even more explosive view on cooking, which the filmmaker says is meant to excite and inspire.

“People watch the film and laugh throughout because of the absurd lengths we go to make such a simple dish and that is really the point. We want to inspire people to go on a food adventure and prove you didn’t need to be famous or have celebrity or even have money to celebrate what food does best: bringing people together. There is so much great food and travel content out there, but a lot of times I feel they lack the excitement that I personally feel being around amazing food. For us, we’re just ordinary people putting what we love on the line, pushing it to the limit, and even casually risking imprisonment for what we’re truly passionate about, and you can’t fake that authenticity, which I hope is what makes this film so fun to watch.”.

The documentary is currently in its selective festival run collecting accolades and is slated for public release later this year. It will be honored at the 15th Annual 2023 Taste Awards Gala event on March 13th, 2023 at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. The Taste Awards are considered “the Academy Awards for film focused on food, travel and culture, and honor the highest achievements for producers, hosts, and directors of Lifestyle Programs, Series, Shows & Cinema”.

More info and a sneak peak can be seen at https://italyinbocca.com/discosauce