seeing double never looked so good.

This is how advertising should be done.

Let’s talk about a dirty little word… story. I’m amazed how much advertising gets made without story. Sure in the olden days of men who smoked and their livers who drank, story wasn’t really part of the conversation. We were still in the infancy of what advertising was. Here is a car. Here are the things in the car. Here is the man who is happy with the car. Repeat.

A while back, maybe with Pepsi… maybe with Volkswagen… maybe it was asking where was the beef… we got wise that advertising could be stories. Films. Cinematic. There was no need to pander to the captive audience. We could now, dare I say, entertain them.

This little gem of a film won my heart today. It’s simple, clear, and most of all, entertaining. I know who it’s for, and I want to share it with people who have decreeing tastes.

Let’s take advertising back people. Let’s not sell products. Let’s offer stories, and let the products sell themselves.

[mic drop]

Rs (my ad;)

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