Thanks For an Epic Year!

It’s that time again for a classic Year End Review … amazing how you can fit 365 days in 3 minutes;)

You can watch it on YouTube, or on Vimeo, or on my website (just scroll down).

Thanks to everyone who made this year one of the best yet. I’m so blessed to have done so much with so many magnificent people.


Looking forward to making more magic with you this year!




Pay First. Then Eat.

Anyone that works in the “Ad Biz” will know the concept of doing spec work. Basically is you create something, for free, and pray someone will pay for it after its done. Somehow this is the standard in the industry, and no one knows how this came about, but it seems like we’ve all agreed on it, and have an unlimited supply of crazy pills to take to upkeep the system.

So it was LOVELY to see Zulu Alpha Kilo make this AMAZING video documenting what this system would look like in other industries. Imagine if prostitution worked like this. No. No you can’t.

Brilliant guys. Bravo. Bravo. (The question begs to be asked if they payed to produce this video, or if everyone just did it as a favor;)

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative Director: Zak Mroueh
Art Director: Guilherme Bermejo
Writer: Nick Doerr
Agency Producer: Tara Handley
Production House: Zulubot
Director: Zak Mroueh
Production House Producer: Tara Handley/Daniel Kaplan
Director of Photography: Albert Huh
Casting Director: Shasta Lutz
Video Post Facility / Editing Company: Zulubot
Editor: Mike Headford
Colourist/Transfer: Roslyn Di Sisto /Smith
Audio Post Facility/Music House: Zulubot
Producer: Tara Handley
Engineer: Stephen Stepanic

And thanks to JM Jacobs for tipping me off to the brilliant Ad Week post.

seeing double never looked so good.

This is how advertising should be done.

Let’s talk about a dirty little word… story. I’m amazed how much advertising gets made without story. Sure in the olden days of men who smoked and their livers who drank, story wasn’t really part of the conversation. We were still in the infancy of what advertising was. Here is a car. Here are the things in the car. Here is the man who is happy with the car. Repeat.

A while back, maybe with Pepsi… maybe with Volkswagen… maybe it was asking where was the beef… we got wise that advertising could be stories. Films. Cinematic. There was no need to pander to the captive audience. We could now, dare I say, entertain them.

This little gem of a film won my heart today. It’s simple, clear, and most of all, entertaining. I know who it’s for, and I want to share it with people who have decreeing tastes.

Let’s take advertising back people. Let’s not sell products. Let’s offer stories, and let the products sell themselves.

[mic drop]

Rs (my ad;)

introducing bella branded.

So it’s a special day today, as we launch the creative agency arm of no-frames, our humble, bad-ass production company. Bella Branded has been in the works for a while now, and as we have opened office in Los Angeles and Gothenburg, Sweden, now is a great time to announce this specialized department.

What is Bella Branded? It’s the creative component to an outstanding production company that creates original, fun, sexy, cool branding and identity concepts for any brand wanting to stand out. We work a little bit differently than most of the branding teams out there … We like to collaborate with scientists, buskers, graffiti artists, performance artists, and creative individuals that are actually making socially consumed art, rather than just advertising jockeys, so that our concepts are perhaps a little more fresher, and a whole lot more authentic.

Lead by the creative team at No-Frames, who has over 15 years experience producing high concept media for global brands in the advertising arena, we corral this raw talent into producing ideas that cannot be ignored. We are all only children, so we know a thing or two about that.

Anyway, do check us out. Even if you are not interested in rebranding yourself, the ideas and films we offer are pretty dope. Worth a peek.

Much love and happy birthday Bella! We’re sure you’ll grow up to be a stunning young lady.